Putting With a Hybrid / Rescue Golf Club

How to Putt Using a Hybrid from Off the Green

When the golf ball is close to the edge of the green (maybe 2-3 feet away) on closely mown grass, a lot of golfers will automatically opt for their putter over a wedge.

And this is something I’d encourage, especially if you’re not 100% confident chipping, because a poor putt will be much better than a poor chip.

However, if the grass in front of the green is a bit scruffy or if the grass is growing into towards the golf ball, I suggest you take your hybrid or rescue club.

See the video below for details:

Putting With a Hybrid – Video Summary

  • The hybrid is designed so that it doesn’t dig into the ground and skips nicely through the grass. But it has a bit more loft and weight behind it than a putter – enough to get it through the first few feet of grass without any trouble.

  • Setup for putting with a hybridWe use a combination of a chipping setup (normal putting grip, narrow stance, grip right down the club, ball in the middle of the stance, weight forward on to the left side) and a putting stroke (rocking of the shoulders, no wrist hinge, lower body very still).

  • Putting StrokeSo set up like a chip shot and then using a putting stroke.

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