Putting Stance & Ball Position

Putting Fundamentals – Part 2

After we’ve checked for good alignment, the next fundamental is our putting stance…

In the video lesson below, we’ll look at width of stance, ball position in the stance and the position of the hands.

I also make reference to the length of your putter. I see a lot of club golfers that have putters that are too long for them.

It’s an easy job for your PGA professional to shorten your putter so if possible I’d encourage you to get measured.

Putting Stance – Video Summary

  • Putting Stance - Shoulder width stance with no foot flaringThe width of your stance should be roughly hip-width with the feet pointing forward (not splayed out).

  • Putting Stance - Ball position should be just ahead of center in your stanceThe golf ball should be positioned slightly ahead of the centre of your stance – similar to the position you’d address it with a 6-iron.

  • Putting Stance - Press your hands forward a littleAs you rest the putter on the ground, position your hands so that the grip of the putter points towards your left hip, just left of your belt buckle (for the right-handed golfer). Your hands should be slightly ahead of the golf ball.

  • Putting Stance - Pressing your hands forward will deloft the putter, resulting in a better ball rollThis slight ‘forward press’ is something that’s missing in a lot of amateur golfers. It de-lofts the putter face improving the roll on the golf ball and the quality of the putt.

  • Putting Stance - Let your arms drop down naturallyA lot of golfers have putters that are too long for them. Your hands and arms should hang down in a relaxed, neutral position… so grip the putter where they fall – even if it means gripping right at the bottom of the grip or even getting your putter shortened.

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