Different Putting Grip Styles

Claw Grip vs Cross-Handed Grip vs Pencil Grip

If you’ve watched golf over the years, you’ll know that the top golfers seem to use all manner of different putting grips.

In the video below, I’ll run through 3 or 4 different putting grips that are popular on Tour and that you may want to experiment with. Before you do however, I recommend you watch the video on the basic putting grip first.

Different Putting Grips – Video Summary


  • Pencil Putting Grip TypePencil Grip (or Pen Grip): The right hand holds the putter in the same way it would hold a pen or pencil.

  • Claw Putting Grip TypeClaw Grip: The right hand makes a claw shape holding the putter between the middle fingers.

  • Cross Handed Putting Grip TypeCross Handed Grip: This is similar to the traditional overlapping putter grip, except the hands are switched so that left hand is now lowest on the grip.

  • Putting Grip - Straight fingers down the grip help prevent wrist hingeAlthough there is no single, best putting grip, all good grips on the club should help to prevent wrist hinge

  • Putting Stroke - Rock your shoulders, not your wristsThe putting stroke is very much a rocking of the shoulders with few other moving parts. Any wrist action will make it difficult for you to consistently control your putting distances.

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