Putting Grip

How to Grip your Putter
Putting Fundamentals – Part 4

The final part of a good putting set up is holding the golf putter correctly with a proper putting grip…

A full swing golf grip is designed to allow and promote quite a lot of wrist hinge – an important part of generating power. But when we’re putting we don’t want any wrist hinge at all – we’d like to keep the wrists as solid as possible.

The video below shows you a step-by-step guide to a good, standard putting grip.

Now, there are variations on this putting grip (many of them are used by the top PGA Tour players), so I’ve added a link below to another video that covers some alternatives.

If you’re just getting started, try the standard golf putting grip first and then experiment with gripping the putter in some alternative ways to see if they suit you better:

Putting Grip – Video Summary

  • Putting Grip - Place your fingers in a neutral position (not strong nor weak)Begin by gripping the putter in the same way you would grip a normal club. This will place your right and left hand in neutral positions on the club.

  • Putting Grip - Unlink your fingersNext, unlink your fingers at the back – so your hands sit on top of each other like a baseball grip.

  • Putting Grip - Point your index fingers straight down the sides of the gripNow take your right index finger and place it down the shaft of the club. Then ‘unpeel’ your left index finger and run that over the fingernails of your right hand – pointing down the shaft of the club.

  • Putting Grip - Straight fingers down the grip help prevent wrist hingeIn effect, your index fingers work as mini splints to prevent wrist break.

  • Putting Grips - ComparisonYou may want to try these alternative putting grips after you’ve given this standard putting grip a try.

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