Putting Posture

Keep Your Eyes Over the Ball
Putting Fundamentals – Part 3

In the previous lessons, we looked at the putting set up (alignment, stance, ball position and hand position)…

Another checkpoint that will improve your putting is your posture or the position of your head over the golf ball – in particular, the position of your eyes.

As you might guess, your eyes should be positioned directly over the golf ball… and most golfers will feel that this is the position they take.

However, the quick test in the video below might tell you otherwise.

It’s easy to feel as though your head and eyes are in the right position because you’re always looking directly at the ball. But if your eyes aren’t directly over the golf ball, it really does compromise your ability to see the line of the putt.

Putting Posture – Video Summary


  • Putting Posture - Eyes should be directly over the ballYour eyes should be positioned directly over the golf ball. A great way to check this is to set up to a putt as normal, hold another golf ball in your left eye socket and let it drop. It should hit the ball on the ground.

  • Putting Posture - Let your head fall downWith a full swing set up, your head would be held in a position that runs in line with the angle of your spine (i.e. you feel as though you’re are looking down your nose at the ball). To improve your putting, let your head drop so that when you turn your head to look at the hole, your line of sight runs right up and down the target line.

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