Putting Drill To Promote A Good Swing Path

Drill to Improve your Putting Stroke

Use this simple golf putting drill to help you take the putter back on a good line and through to your target on a good line:

Putting Drill – Video Summary

  • Putting Drill - Place two clubs on the ground parallel to the target linePlace 2 golf clubs side by side so that they create a ‘channel’ towards the hole. Place a golf ball in the centre of this channel.

  • Putting Drill - Try to produce a straight back and through putting strokeIf the putter head wanders inside or outside the ball-to-target line on the way back or during the follow through, it will be visibly obvious from the clubs on the ground.

  • Putting Drill - Keep the clubface square to the target line through the putting strokeAs well as checking your putter’s swing path you can also check that the putter head is perfectly square to the shafts on the ground.

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