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Putter TipsIn this section of the site, we’ll focus on what I truly believe is the most important club in the bag… the putter.

The putting tips and lessons below cover good putting fundamentals such as alignment and stance, the putting stroke, the putting grip, reading greens and distance control.

I’ve also included some putting drills and games so that you can make the most of your time when you practice putting.

How Many Putts Do You Take?

I don’t think most golfers appreciate just how many shots they are throwing away with their putter. If you want to better your scores on the golf course and lower your handicap as quickly as possible – improve your putting.

The short video introduction below will help you appreciate just how many putts you’re wasting…

  • Count the number of putts you take per round over an average of 3 rounds.
  • If you’re taking more than 36 putts per round, you’re wasting shots on the golf course.
  • If, like many higher handicappers, you’re taking 40+ putts per round, it’s like taking half a dozen air shots on the first tee. You wouldn’t do that too often before doing something about it!
  • There’s no reason why any level of golfer can’t become a very good putter with proper instruction and a bit of practice.
  • Unlike the physically demanding full swing, putting is a skill that can be mastered regardless of age and physical strength.

Golf Putting Tips

Video Preview of Putting Alignment - How to Line UpProper Putting

Here’s how to line your putts up correctly so you can hole out more often…

Video Preview of Putting Tips on Ball PositionCorrect Putting Stance
& Ball Position

This putting lesson covers the fundamentals of putting stance, posture and golf ball position. Not to be overlooked…

Video Preview of Putting Tips - Eyes Above the BallKeep Your Eyes
Over The Golf Ball

Improve your putting accuracy with this simple tip…

Video Preview of Putting Grip - How to Grip a PutterThe Basic Putting

This lesson covers the most popular putting grip (see the lesson below for variations of this putting grip) …

Video Preview of Putting Tips on the Putting StrokeImprove Your
Putting Stroke

You’ve set up to your putt perfectly – now here’s how to carry out the perfect putting stroke…

Video Preview of Putting Tips on Distance ControlImprove Your Putting
Distance Control

If you can accurately and consistently control the speed and distance of your putts (even if your line is off a little), you’ll rarely three-putt…

More Golf Putting Tips

Video Preview of 5 Different Putting Grip StylesDifferent Putting

There’s more than one to grip the putter. Experiment with these popular alternative grips to see which one works best for you…

Video Preview of Putting Tips on How to Read Greens 1How To Read Greens
& Breaks

Putting across a slope in the green can be tricky. This lesson will help you read the slopes and the pace of your putts so that you have confidence wherever your ball finishes on the green…

Video Preview of Putting Tips on How to Putt using a HybridPutting With A
Hybrid / Rescue Club

Your putter is not always the best club in the bad to putt with. Here’s how and when to use a hybrid or rescue club to putt around the fringes of the green…

Golf Putting Drills

Video Preview of Putting Drill #1 - The Simple 30 Putt DrillGolf Putting Drill
The 30 Putt Test

This is a great drill not only for improving your putting but also to compare yourself with better players (hint: top professionals would expect to score around 20)…

Video Preview of Putting Drill to Improve Putting StrokeGolf Putting Drill
Check Your Putter’s Path

This simple drill gives you a strong visual reference for checking your putter’s swing path…

Video Preview of Putting Drill to Sink More PuttsGolf Putting Drill
Hole More Short Putts

If you can sink every putt from 3-4 feet and in, you’ll really start to see your scores on the golf course drop. Here’s a drill that will help you with that…

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