Pitch Shot Setup

How to Set Up for a Pitch Shot
How to Hit Pitch Shots – Part 1

Learning how to hit pitch shots with both accuracy and consistency will have a major impact on your golf game…

It’s a great confidence booster to know that if you hit a wayward drive and can’t make the green in two, you still have a good chance of saving par because your pitching is so good.

Pitching should be a skill that most golfers can master to a very reasonable level of competence – it requires less timing and co-ordination compared to full irons or drives and less physical strength and flexibility too.

However, most amateur golfers lack confidence over their pitch shots and are happy to land the ball anywhere on the green.

In the first part of this mini How To Pitch Like A Golf Pro series, we’ll look at proper pitch shot setup.

See the video and/or read the video summary below:

Pitch Shot Setup Video Summary

  • Pitch Shot Setup - Promote control and feel over powerFor a pitch shots, take the same good setup that you do for full irons. However, we now want to replace the elements that help generate power and replace them with elements that promote feel and control.

  • Pitch Shot Setup AdjustmentsYou can reduce power and increase control on a sliding scale (which will help with your distance control) by adjusting the following elements of your set up:
    • Reduce your width of stance
    • Grip further down the club
    • Reduce the length of swing

  • Pitching setup adjustments for three types of pitch shotsWith your lob wedge for example, a full shoulder width stance, gripping the club at the top of the grip and a full swing might send the ball 65 yards. Gripping half way down the grip, narrowing your stance and taking a 3/4 swing might send the ball 50 yards. Likewise, gripping right at the bottom of the grip, with a narrow stance and half swing might fly the ball 35 yards

  • Know your full swing, three-quarter, and half swing pitch shots for each of your wedgesHit some balls at the range with these 3 set up postions and with 3 different clubs (i.e. gap wedge, sand wedge and lob wedge). That will give you 9 pitching distances. We’ll take this a step further in the next lesson.

  • Short Pitch Shot Setup - Move your weight forward and open your stanceFor shorter pitch shots where you’re taking a narrow stance and gripping right down the club, you should also open your stance (feet and hips pointing left of target for the right-handed golfer) and place more weight on your front side (about 60/40 favouring your front foot).

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