Pitch Shot Technique – Hit Down

Hit Down on the Golf Ball
How to Hit Pitch Shots – Part 3

If you want to improve the quality and consistency of your pitch shots on the golf course, focus on hitting the ball down into the ground.

One of the most common short game faults amongst handicap players is trying to ‘help’ pitch and chip shots into the air with a scooping action of the hands…

But even if you don’t think you’re guilty of that scooping wrist action, I’d be willing to bet you don’t consciously hit down on the ball as much as you should.

See the video and tips below – they will help you to avoid fat and thin pitch shots on the golf course and you’ll begin to strike the ball with greater consistency and control.

Golf Pitch Shots – Video Summary

  • Move and keep your weight forward when hitting pitch shotsPlace more weight on your front side (on your left foot for the right-handed golfer) at set up and as you follow through.

  • Keep your right hand on top of the ball when hitting pitch shotsFeel as though you keep your right hand on top of the golf ball through impact. This is a very different sensation to throwing a ball up in the air for example, where your right hand would be underneath the ball launching it upwards.

  • Don't try to scoop the ball when hitting pitch shotsTrust the loft on your club. Keeping your right hand on top of the ball through impact might feel as though you’ll hit it too low, but the ball will roll up the face of the club generating plenty of height and some backspin.

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