Pitch Shot Drill

Pitching Drill for a Consistent Ball Strike
How to Hit Pitch Shots – Part 4

This pitching drill and quick tip will help prevent fluffed pitch shots. It stops you from decelerating through the ball and promotes a solid, crisp strike.

Decelerating through the ball is a common issue and I think it often occurs because the backswing becomes too long…

From a long backswing you can feel like you have too much power and that you’re going to fly the ball through the back of the green – especially if you catch it a bit thin.

You unconsciously decelerate during the downswing to try and compensate but because the club head is quite heavy, it overtakes the hands causing a scooping action. The result? A fat or thin contact.

The solution is to take a shorter backswing and focus on really accelerating through the ball, as I explain in the video below:

Golf Pitching Drill – Video Summary

  • Use a shorter backswing when you hit pitch shotsKeep your backswing relatively compact and short – less than you think you need for the distance of the shot.

  • Be sure to accelerate when you hit pitch shotsReally accelerate through the ball to generate the correct power and distance for the shot.

  • Make sure that the follow through is longer than the backswing when you hit pitch shotsA good rule of thumb is a one third backswing, two thirds follow through (i.e. so your follow through is twice the length of your backswing).


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