Golf Pitching Tips

How to Pitch in Golf – Pitching Drills & Tips
Master Your Game From 100 Yards In

Pitching Golf TipsThe golf pitching tips, lessons and instruction in this section will help you master the game from 100 yards in.

Pitching and chipping are often rolled into one, but I’ve split them into two separate sections on this site…

For clarification, any distance that requires less than a full swing (typically anything under 80-100 yards), we’ll call a pitch shot. Anything around the fringes or the apron of the green (about 25 yards and in from the pin), we’ll call a chip shot. (For chipping tips, see this section)

The pitching tips and lessons below cover the fundamentals like proper set up, distance control and club selection. We’ll also look at some common faults – like thinning or topping your pitch shots.

Golf Pitching Tips

Video Preview of Pitching Tips on How to Set UpHow To Set Up For Great Pitch Shots

Learn the proper set up to help you make solid and consistent contact with ball – and maybe even impress your playing partners by making the ball check and spin…

Video Preview of Pitching Tips for Distance ControlHow To Control The Distance of Your Pitch Shots

Once you can consistently control the distance of your pitch shots, you’ll give yourself makeable birbie putts and you’ll save more pars when you’re in trouble…

Video Preview of Pitching Tips on Hitting Down on the BallHow To Improve Your Golf Pitch Shots

Here’s the most common fault I see in club golfers, and how to fix it…

Video Preview of Pitching Tips for Consistent Strike DrillGolf Pitching Drill – Accelerate Through The Ball

Here’s another common fault along with its fix ..

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