Sloping Lie Chip Shots Part 2 – Uphill Lie

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Chipping tips for an uphill lieIn the second part of this chipping lesson we’ll look at playing chip shots from an up slope.

One of the most common faults I see amongst club-level golfers is that they don’t compensate for the slope by taking a lower lofted club – they still opt for the lob wedge or sand iron. Remember, an uphill lie will have the effect of adding loft to the club.

Watch the video below or read the bullet summary for tips on playing chip shots from an uphill lie:

Chipping Lesson Video Summary

  • Take a normal, good chip shot set up. Adjust this by taking a slightly wider stance to help your balance.
  • Tip your shoulders so that they are aligned to the slope – your spine should be at right angles to the slope.
  • You’ll naturally feel more weight on your back foot, however it’s important to keep your bodyweight travelling forward through impact on to your left side. Keeping your weight on the back foot can knock you off balance and cause you to hit the ball fat or thin.
  • An up slope will have the effect of increasing the loft on your club. To compensate, take a lower lofted club than normal. A lob or sand wedge is probably not the best choice here as you’ll have to have the confidence to hit the ball quite hard all the way to the hole.