Chipping Drill

Best Chip Shot Drill for a Consistent Strike
How to Chip – Part 2

Chipping tips to improve ball strikingThis chipping drill will help you achieve a consistent strike on the golf ball. It will also improve another important element of your chipping…

One of the keys to successful chipping is good distance control. And the basis of good distance control is a chipping action that is consistently repeatable…

When you have simple, repeatable chipping action, you can simply make a slightly shorter or longer backswing or select a different club and get reliable, accurate results.

For most golfers I recommend keeping the hands relatively quiet and passive during chip shots (i.e. very little wrist hinging – similar to a putting action).

The biggest cause of fat and thin chip shots is what I call ‘flicky’ wrists – a slight scooping motion that tries to help the ball in the air.

It may not be obvious to you but if your ball striking is inconsistent when hitting chip shots, it’s probably down to too much wrist motion.

Try the chipping drill below. It will really highlight any flicking or scooping tendencies in your technique:

Chipping Drill – Step-By-Step

A good chipping action should be dominated by the shoulders and the upper body, almost like a long putting stroke. This means keeping wrist motion to a minimum.

  • Chipping Drill - Set up with your hands near the clubhead on the shaft of the club, with the grip well off your bodyTo highlight any wrist motion in your chipping action, set up as normal and then slide your grip right down to the bottom of the club – near the club head. The shaft of the club should be running past your left hip (for the right-handed golfer).

  • Chipping Drill - Practice making short swings while making sure the grip of the club doesn't strike your body at the follow throughMake a short backswing and follow through.

  • Chipping Drill - If the grip of the club strikes your body it means you are flicking your wrists at impactAs you follow through, the club shaft should stay well away from your left side. In other words, it should NOT hit your left hip. Any releasing of the wrists will cause the club shaft to strike your left side.

  • Chipping Drill - Make practice swings while making sure your hands stay passive and hold your wrist hingeYou might notice just how much you have to prevent the wrists from hinging in order to prevent the club shaft from touching you. Repeat this feeling during your normal chip shots.

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