Chip Shots From Awkward Lies Part 1 – Bare / Tight Lies

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Tips on chipping from a tight lieHere are some tips and techniques for chipping from awkward lies…

We’ve already looked at chipping from sloping lies in another lesson so this lesson will focus on bare/tight lies and heavy lies.

Bare / tight lies are notoriously difficult to chip from because it’s so easy to hit the ball thin. And thin chips are fairly destructive because they travel a long way, so it’s little wonder that most amateur golfers play this shot with much trepidation.

Watch the video below to see how I recommend you tackle the tight lie chip shot:

Video Summary

  • Play the golf ball back in your stance – almost off the back foot. This will help you to strike down on the ball a little bit more, reducing the chances of a thin contact.
  • I recommend you play a chip and run shot from a bare lie wherever possible. A chip and run shot with a 7-iron requires a shorter backswing and less power than a chip with a lob wedge. A poorly struck chip and run will turn out similar to a well struck chip and run. A poorly struck lob wedge (that requires a much long backswing) will usually end up costing you shots.
  • Keep the bodyweight predominantly (70%) on the front foot. Your hands should be well ahead of the ball with the club shaft pointing into your left hip.

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