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Bunker Shot Golf TipsThe bunker tips and lessons in this section of the site will help turn you into a solid, consistent sand trap player.

Bunker play seems to be a bane for most amateur golfers. Statistics show that high handicappers rarely make ‘sand saves’ (i.e. they rarely get up and down from a green-side bunker). But even lower handicap players struggle…

An study of over 100 amateur golfers found that players with an handicap of 9 managed to get up and down from the sand just 7% of the time (and were only slightly better than 18-36 handicappers).

What’s interesting is that players with a handicap of 5 were able to get up and down much more often (about 30% of the time) and rarely left a shot in the bunker.

Once you have the correct technique, bunker shots aren’t that difficult. They certainly shouldn’t hold the fear they do over most golfers.When quizzed, these 5-handicappers said they spent very little time practising bunker shots. So what does that suggest?

Just a small amount of practice initially – to ingrain good technique – should reap quite big rewards on the golf course (going from hardly ever getting up and down to making a sand save for 1 in every 3 bunkers you land in.

Bunker Golf Tips

Video Preview of Tips on How to Set Up for Bunker ShotsThe Best Setup For Bunker Shots

Here’s the correct set up for most golfers when playing green-side bunker shots…

Video Preview of Tips on How Much Sand to Take when Hitting Bunker ShotsBunker Shots
How To Take The Right Amount Of Sand

Improve your golf bunker play by taking the right amount of sand (hint: don’t make the mistake of taking different amounts of sand to control your bunker shot distances)…

Video Preview of a Bunker Shot DrillBunker Shots
Easy But Effective Bunker Drill

The simple drill will really improve your bunker play and distance control…

Video Preview of Tips on How to Control Distance in Bunker ShotsBunker Shots
Distance Control

Here’s the best technique for controlling the distance of green-side bunker shots so you can make more sand saves…

How to Hit Different Types of Bunker Shots

Video Preview of Tips on How to Hit Bunker Shots from Wet SandBunker Shots
How To Play From Wet & Compact Sand

Ever had to play from wet and compact sand only to thin the ball through the side of the green and into a worse postion than when you started? This video lesson will prevent that from ever happening again…

Video Preview of Tips on How to Hit Bunker Shots with a Plugged LieBunker Shots
How To Play Plugged Lies

Generally considered one of the toughest sand shots to control, a plugged lie needn’t bother you again…

Video Preview of Tips on How to Hit Bunker Shots with a Sloping Lie (Uphill or Downhill)Bunker Shots
How To Play From Sloping Lies In The Sand

Don’t let an awkward slope in the bunker ruin your score. Here’s how to tackle them…

Video Preview of Tips on How to Hit Shots from Fairway BunkersBunker Shots
How To Play From Fairway Bunkers

Landing in a fariway bunker doesn’t have to cost you the hole. Here’s how to play this shot…

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