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Golf Instructional Video About SliceThe Anti-Slice Series

It causes golfers more frustration and more lost golf balls than anything else, so it’s little wonder that an anti-slice video (series of videos in this case) is so popular. Follow the tips, apply them at the range and banish slice shots for good!

Golf Instructional Video about How to Increase Driver DistanceHow To Increase Your Driver Distance

A lot is written about hitting the ball further with the big stick. This article and accompanying video sticks to the facts about what you must do to add 20+ yards to your drives.

Golf Instructional Video about Course Management and Club SelectionSave Shots Before The Weekend With Better Shot Selections

Most club golfers can save handfuls of shots each round without touching their swing or practising their short game – just by making better shot and club selection choices. Here’s how.

Golf Instructional Video about Practice TipsThe Best Golf Practice Routine

One of my students credits this practice routine with helping him go from a mid 20’s handicap to a 6 handicap in 18 months. It works because it’s specific to the game of golf. If you struggle taking your range game to the golf course, this routine is a must for you to try.

Golf Instructional Video About Mental Game Tips and Swing ThoughtsDon’t Think About Swing Thoughts

We all know that too many swing thoughts leads to a tense, mis-timed swing. But thinking about nothing is much easier said than done. This simple tip will help you focus on something relevant freeing up your unconscious to make a great swing.

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