Top of Golf Swing Position

How to Position the Club at the Top of the Swing
Proper Golf Swing – Part 3

Golf Top of the SwingNow that our golf swing starts with a good takeaway and continues into a good halfway back position, we want to continue into a good position at the top…

The position you get the club into at the top of the backswing is going to largely influence your downswing and the path of the club into the ball. Our backswing should generate and store up as much power as possible but also combine that with control and consistency.

The video below, and the drills beneath it, cover some clear checkpoints for a good position at the top – a position that will help you strike the ball with more power, more accuracy and greater consistency.

Golf Swing Paperback
Side note If you are having problems achieving this position at the top of the back swing you might want to take a look at our flexibility for golf page. You could also benefit from the stretching and strength exercises as well as the training program in our fantastic 6 weeks to Golf Fitness ebook.

Top Of Golf Swing Video Summary


  • Keep your lower body quiet at the top of the golf swingComplete a shoulder turn as close to 90 degrees as feels comfortable, without allowing too much knee and leg movement.

  • Keep your left arm straight and your head at the same level it was at addressEnsure your head has remained at the same height and feel that the left arm is strong and not flexed.

  • Move your weight to your back foot at the top of the swing but don't over swingYour body weight should be 60% on the instep of your right foot, but the left foot should have remained still.

  • The shaft of the club should no go past parallel to the ground at the top of the swingAgain using a mirror (but this time face on) check the length of your swing doesn’t go beyond 3 o’clock.

  • Position of the right hand at the top of the golf swingSee this short video for a good checkpoint for the position of the right hand at the top of the golf swing.

Another way to ensure you’re achieving a good postion at the top of the swing is to focus on the position of the right hand

A great analogy is to think about a waiter carrying a tray of drinks. I’ve put this short, 60-second video together so you can see exactly what I mean:

Golf Practice Drills for the Top of the Swing

I’ve also filmed a couple of extra drills that should help you with this top of the golf swing position. They cover some simple tips and checkpoints so that you can check your position at the top while at the range or at home:

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