Halfway Back Position

How To Develop A Great Golf Swing – Part 2

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Golf BackswingIn the first part of this How To Develop A Great Golf Swing series, we looked at the all-important takeaway. From here, our next checkpoint is halfway back…

Once you’ve grooved a good takeaway position and slotted the club into a good halfway back position, completing a full swing is relatively straight forward.

See the video below for a couple of simple checkpoints that you can use to make sure your club is staying on a good path beyond the takeaway position:

Halfway Back Video Summary

  • When the club reaches a good takeaway position (about hip height), allow the wrists to start to cock upwards.
  • Using a mirror directly behind you, check that the club is on plane by checking that the butt end of the club points directly at the ball (see the photo above).
  • Also looking down the line, your hands should appear right in the middle of your chest.
  • Avoid rolling or rotating the wrists – this will cause the club to get too flat (see the image on the far right in the photo above). The action of the wrists is more of a hinging or cocking motion

Golf Practice Drills for the Backswing

To help you get into this solid halfway back position, try the following two drills. In particular, drill #1 is an excellent exercise for creating a good plane and path for your golf swing: