Golf Swing Impact Position

How To Develop A Great Golf Swing – Part 5

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Golf ImpactSo all of the care we’ve taken over a good set up and address, taking the club back into a good position at the top of the backswing and then making a solid transition into the downswing – comes down to one focal point…

The impact position.

Everything we’ve covered with your set up and golf swing until now is designed to get you into a great impact position – as easily and as consistently as possible.

If you’ve followed the previous videos and drills in this series, the golf club should be moving along the right path into the ball, the club face should be aiming in the right direction and the club head should be at the right height to strike towards the bottom of the ball.

The club should also be moving as fast as possible (faster than at any other point during the golf swing) to generate as much power and distance as possible.

The video below covers some key checkpoints for the impact position.

However, unless you have access to a high speed camcorder, it can be difficult to know what’s actually happening during your swing at impact. So I’ve added a couple of drills and low-cost training aids that can help you with this. You’ll find links to them beneath the video:

Remember, it’s what goes before impact (your set up, your back swing etc.) that determines how you reach impact and ultimately, how you strike the ball. Don’t make the mistake of trying to manufacture an impact position around poor fundamentals.

Golf Practice Drills for the Impact

To help you check and refine your own impact position, see the following 2 drills: