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Animation of the complete golf swing as seen from 2 anglesWe’ve all seen the best golfers in the world showcasing their silky skills week-in, week-out, on various professional tours. For the most part, they have golf swings that seem so natural, so efficient and so consistent that replicating them seems too difficult to even contemplate.

My aim, in this section of the site, is to break down the complex actions that combine to make a classic golf swing into golf swing basics, and encourage you to incorporate them into your existing golf swing.

The golf swing tips and video lessons give you a step-by-step guide which focus on specific aspects of your golf swing. Think of it as painting by numbers, with the aim of creating a masterpiece!

With my help I’m confident that you can start to play the best, most efficient and most consistent golf you’ve ever played and above all, play the most enjoyable golf you’ve ever played.

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Golf Swing Tips & Lessons


Video Preview of the Takeaway Sequence of a Golf SwingThe Takeaway

Checkpoints for a perfect, one piece takeaway…

Takeaway Drill #1 Takeaway Drill #2

Video Preview of the Backswing Sequence of a Golf SwingHalfway Back Position

Checkpoints and tips for getting the club in a great position halfway back…

Backswing Drill #1 Backswing Drill #2

Video Preview of the Top of the Swing Sequence of a Golf SwingTop of Back Swing Position

The position you get the club into at the top of the backswing is going to largely influence your downswing and the path of the club into the ball…


Video Preview of the Downswing Sequence of a Golf SwingThe Transition to Downswing

Checkpoints and tips for starting the downswing…

Video Preview of the Impact Sequence of a Golf SwingImpact Position

Checkpoints and tips for the perfect impact position…

Ball Striking Drill Golf Impact Drill #2

Video Preview of the Extension & Rotation Sequence of a Golf SwingExtension & Rotation

In this article and video, we’ll look at what proper extension and rotation is, why it’s important and how you can achieve it in your own golf swing…

Video Preview of the Follow Through Sequence of a Golf SwingThe Follow Through

A nice-looking, balanced follow through in your golf swing isn’t just for show – it has a very important role…

Golf Follow Through Drill

Full Swing

Video Preview of the Same Swing Different Clubs ConceptSame Swing, Different Club

Having learned the fundamentals needed to create a great golf swing, try to avoid making too many changes when using the different clubs…

Clubface Angle and Club PathBall Flight Laws Made Easy

Understanding the shape of your shots (especially your bads ones) can help you self-diagnose and fix your swing faults. Here’s a plain-English review of modern ball flight laws…

Ball Flights in GolfBall Flight Diagram & Terminology

A useful visual aid to help you understand the various ball flights and their names…

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