Top of Golf Swing Drill #3

Where to Point the Club at the Top

This drill will help you to achieve the correct position at the top of the backswing by focusing on your left thumb…

You may have heard golf coaches and players talk about being ‘across the line’ in golf…

This simply means that, for the right-handed golfer, the club is pointing to the right of the target at the top of the backswing (assuming you’re looking down-the-line, in the position the camera would be).

Ideally, we want the club to point straight down the line at your intended target at the top. From this position, it will be much easier to consistently control the path of your downswing and hence the accuracy of your shots.

Because you can’t see the club at the top, it’s difficult to know exactly where it’s pointing. A good way to gauge this is to focus on yout left thumb as the video below shows:

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Top of the Swing Tips

Video Preview of the Top of the Swing Sequence of a Golf Swing
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