Top of Golf Swing Drill #1

How to Rotate your Upper Body Correctly

This simple drill will show you if your shoulders are turning correctly through to the completion of the backswing. A nice, full shoulder turn will help you to generate power.

What this drill can also highlight is the action of your legs…

Golfers that lack flexibility, particularly in their lower and upper backs, struggle to turn their shoulders to 90 degrees. To compensate (so they can still like they’re getting a full turn), they allow too much hip turn and/or a lot of knee action.

But as you’ll see from the video, a lot of hip rotation and knee action during the back swing results in a huge loss of power and tremendous instability for the downswing.

Try the drill below and if you find that either your shoulders aren’t turning close to 90 degrees, or they are but with the help of a lots of hip turn and leg action, consider seeing the golf flexibility section of site.

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Top of Golf Swing Drill – Video Summary


  • Stand at address and the club (your shoulders) should point directly at the targetTake your normal set up and then place a club across your shoulders so that the butt end of the club points towards your intended target.

  • When you rotate your upper body the club (your shoulders) should point at the ballNow start to make your normal backswing. Feel your shoulders reach a 90 degree turn. This now points the butt end of the club towards the ball.

  • Don't allow your legs and lower body to be too active while you reach the top of the golf swingYour hips should turn by less than 20 degrees and your legs should remain stable. A weight shift should take place allowing for 60 percent of your body weight to move in to the instep of your right foot. Too much leg action will cause instability and a poor weight transfer.

Top of the Swing Tips

Video Preview of the Top of the Swing Sequence of a Golf Swing
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