Golf Takeaway Drill #2

Keep your Hands from Rolling Over

Here’s another very simple but very useful golf drill to help you with the one piece takeaway.

I use a range basket in the video below but you could just as easily use a basketball or beach ball.

By the way, please use this drill and the other takeaway drills at the bottom of this page alongside the takeaway fundamentals video. In that video, I explain a couple of important checkpoints that you can measure yourself against to make sure your swing is starting off on the best possible path.

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Takeaway Drill Video Summary


  • Set up normally but take a ball bucket instead of your club in this takeaway drillHolding a range basket, take your normal set up over the ball.

  • Bring the bucket back as you would your club in this takeaway drillGo ahead and make a one piece turn until the basket is about hip height.

  • If your hands roll over during the takeaway you'll see it easily with how the bucket is alignedThere should be no twisting or rotating of the basket as your take it away. If you were to look in a mirror facing down the line of your target, you’d be able to see right inside the basket.

  • You can also do this drill with a basketball or beach ball.

Golf Practice Drills for the Takeaway

To further help you get a feel for a good takeaway, I’ve filmed a couple of useful drills you might want to try:

Takeaway Swing Tips

Video Preview of the Takeaway Sequence of a Golf Swing
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