Golf Takeaway Drill #1

Keep the Clubface in Front of your Chest

Here’s a great little drill if you’re struggling to get the feeling of a one piece takeaway in your golf swing…

It will help you to co-ordinate the initial movement of your hands, arms, midsection and chest – so that they all move in unison on a good path during the initial takeaway phase.

If you haven’t seen the takeaway checkpoints video, I recommend you watch it in conjunction with this drill and the additional golf takeaway drills at the bottom of this page.

Watch the video below or see the video summary beneath it to follow this particular drill:

Golf Drills Paperback

Takeaway Drill Video Summary


  • Grip the club down on the metal with the grip of the club against your belly in this takeaway drillTake your normal set up, then slide your hands down the club shaft until the butt end of the club rests into your belly button.

  • Keep your hands passive as your roll your shoulders in this takeaway drillNow start your backswing, turning your left shoulder under your chin. Make sure your hands are passive (no wrist hinge or rotation) so that you create a ‘One Piece’ takeaway.

  • If your hands are too active in this takeaway drill you'll see the grip of the club moving away from your bellyThe butt end of the club should stay fixed into your stomach until the club head reaches about hip height. If you are using too much hand or arm action during this phase, you will notice that the club becomes detached from your belly button.

Golf Practice Drills for the Takeaway

To further help you get a feel for a good takeaway, I’ve filmed a couple of useful drills you might want to try:

Takeaway Swing Tips

Video Preview of the Takeaway Sequence of a Golf Swing
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