Golf Release Drill #2

Proper Hand Rotation

Here’s another drill to help you achieve correct arm and hand rotation through the golf ball.

If you haven’t seen it already, you might want to watch the extension and rotation lesson before working with this drill.

You can also try this arm rotation drill, which compliments the drill below.

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Hand Rotation Golf Drill – Video Summary

  • Golf Extension Drill - Step 1: Hold your club in front of you as you remain standing upGrip the club as normal (a mid-iron is a good club to begin with) but hold it out in front of you so that it’s horizontal to the ground.

  • Golf Extension Drill - Step 2: Make some baseball swings while staying standing upMake a baseball-type backswing and make some full swings around your body – all the while keeping the club parallel to the ground.

  • Golf Extension Drill - Step 3: When the club is in front of you the clubhead should point straight upAs the club reaches a point directly in front of your chest, stop your swing and notice at what angle the club head is pointing. We want the toe of the club to point directly up at the sky.

  • Golf Extension Drill - Step 4: Notice how your glove points up during the backswing and face down at the releaseNotice how, from the backswing to the follow through, your right and left hands swap positions (in the backswing your left hand is on top, in the follow through your right hand is on top).

  • Golf Extension Drill - Step 5: When in front of you, the clubhead could point straight up or towards the targetIf you tend to slice the ball, try to make the toe of the club point to the sky before it reaches the centre of your chest. By the time it reaches the centre of your chest, the toe should have gone past vertical.

  • Extension Drill - Step 6: Take note of the feel from hands rotation after impactFinally, make a continuous series of horizontal baseball swings and as you do, gradually bend at the hips to lower the club towards the ground. As you lower the club into a position that looks more like a golf swing, remember to focus on that feeling of rotating the hands to get the club square (or past square) at impact.


Golf Practice Drills for the Extension and Rotation

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