Golf Downswing Drill #3

Protect Yourself from Over the Top

This simple downswing drill will help to ensure your downswing is on a good path and plane…

A lot of amateur golfers (perhaps even the majority) would benefit from a more in-to-out swing path. This drill helps to promote that by having you focus on one specific area of your body – your right elbow (left elbow for left-handed players).

It’s a simple drill, as you’ll see from the video below, but give it a try at the range – particularly if you find yourself hitting pulls or slices.

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Downswing Golf Drill – Video Summary


  • Grip your golf club with your right hand all the way down the grip of the club, on the metal of the shaftSplit the hands so that the left hand is placed normally on to the club. Place the right hand 5 inches below the grip.

  • Pull your right elbow down during the downswingTake your swing to the top and then pause as you feel how the right elbow should start its movement into the downswing with a vertical drop towards your right hip pocket.

  • Don't pull your right elbow forward during the downswingTry to avoid letting your right elbow move too far forwards in front of your body at this stage.

Downswing Swing Tips

Video Preview of the Downswing Sequence of a Golf Swing
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