Golf Downswing Drill #1

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This downswing drill will help you with the transitional part of your golf swing…

The transition is one of the most important parts of your swing – it’s that changing from the top of the backswing to the start of the downswing.

There are a couple of key movements in the downswing and the first is driving your bodyweight off the right side and on to left side (for the right-handed golfer).

A mistake I see in a lot of amateur golfers is a downswing that begins too much with the hands and arms pulling the club into the ball. Instead, we need to begin the downswing with a drive of the hips to transfer weight correctly…

One of the ways you can do this is to think about your right heel at the top of the backswing. We want the right heel to lift before we get to impact.

The heel normally lifts as a result of the hips driving across, but you can try exaggerating that movement of the heel to get a feel for an early drive and a bit of extra weight transfer.

See the video drill below for details:

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Downswing Golf Drill – Video Summary


  • Push on your right toes at your bring your body weight forward towards your left footFrom the top of your backswing, feel as though your right heel pushes off the ground to drive your bodyweight over to the left.

Downswing Swing Tips

Video Preview of the Downswing Sequence of a Golf Swing
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