Golf Backswing Drill #2

Position of the Club During the Backswing

This golf backswing drill will help you to set the club in a nice position halfway back.

One of my favourite checkpoints for good swing path and swing plane invloves the position of the hands at the midway point – they should appear directly in front of your chest if you were to look in a mirror facing down the line behind you (see this video for details)…

This backswing drill will help you get into that good checkpoint position more easily and more consistently:

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Golf Backswing Drill Video Summary

  • Backswing Drill - Step 1: Grab the club with your right hand down the shaft of the club (below the grip)Place the left hand on the club in the normal position and place the right hand further down – around 5 inches below the base of the grip.

  • Backswing Drill - Step 2: When your right elbow is at a 90 degree angle, your club should point directly at the ballAllow the club to stay around 18 inches off the ground. As you turn your shoulders, allow the left arm to stay straight and the right arm to bend to 90 degrees. Only swing the club to chest height and check that the butt end of the grip points to the ball.

  • Backswing Drill - Step 3: When your elbow is at a 90 degree angle your chest should be between your hands and the targetIf you have a mirror available, use a down-the-line view to check that the left hand is positioned directly in the centre of your chest.

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Video Preview of the Backswing Sequence of a Golf Swing
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