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Where to Position your Hands
Perfect Golf Setup – Part 5

Position of the Hands and Shaft in a Golf SetupThe position of the hands at setup, in relation to the golf ball, can help to determine the quality of your ball striking…

In the previous instalments of this golf set-up series, we’ve looked at the correct ball position for each club, and the ideal distance you should be standing away from the golf ball.

There’s one more checkpoint that I see a lot of golfers overlook (even lower handicap players) that you should incorporate into your set-up position. It’s to do with the position of your hands at address in relation to the golf ball. It’s a very simple tip but it can make a noticeable difference to your golf game.

Watch the short video below, or read the video summary beneath, to learn what it is:

Golf Setup Paperback

Position Of Hands Video Summary

  • Proper Position of the Hands at Address in GolfTo ensure that your set up mimics your impact position, point the butt end of the club at your front or left hip.

  • Hands are positioned too far back, leading to scooping the ball and fat or thin shotsHaving the club held too far back may promote scooping. It can also cause you to hit the ball fat or thin.

  • Hands are positioned too far forward, leading to inconsistent and lower shotsLikewise, having the club held too far forwards would also result in inconsistent strikes and a ball flight that is too low.

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