Golf Slice Fix – Exaggerate your Golf Swing

How to Fix a Slice – Part 5

So far in the How To Cure A Golf Slice For Good series, we’ve recapped the set up faults that can promote a slice, we’ve checked your swing path and we’ve looked at proper hand and forearm rotation. We’ve also covered a number of anti slice drills to help eliminate slices shots from your game completely…

You can refer to all the above lessons and drills on this page

Following that series will give you the corrections you need to hit consistently straight shots with every club in the bag. There’s one last recommendation I’d like to offer…

Video Summary

I see an awful lot of people who slice the golf ball that never over-exaggerate the corrections enough. They believe that they need to make only very subtle changes otherwise they’ll convert a slice into a nasty snap-hook…

But what happens is they just end up doing pretty much what they’ve always done, over and over. Remember – what might look like a subtle difference on camera, to the untrained eye, will actually feel quite dramatically different to the golfer.

So, they key to curing your slice (or any other fault) in as little time as possible is to give yourself a very clear basis of comparison. In other words, over-exaggerate the corrections and over-exaggerate the fault between shots. Get a very clear feeling for the difference.

Once you have that feeling, you can then work on refining the over-exaggerations until you’re hitting exactly the types of shots you want. This type of learning process is much quicker and much less frustrating than trying to guess a very subtle change that reaps you the results you’re after.

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