Golf Slice Drill #5 – The Driver Drill

How to Fix a Slice – Drill #5

If you’ve followed the rest of my Fix Your Golf Slice For Good series, you’ll be well on the to hitting the ball consistently straighter than ever before.

But I think the driver needs a bit of extra attention…

Because it’s the longest club in the bag, it generates more clubhead speed than your irons and fairway woods.

It’s this extra speed that can make it difficult for many golfers to release their hands quickly enough through the ball.

The result? The club face is still open at impact placing clockwise spin on the golf ball that sends it off into the rough.

The drill in the video below will help you feel what a correct amount of hand rotation feels like.

Important The drill below assumes that you’re already swinging the club on a good in-to-out path through the ball. If you need help with this, or want to check what your own swing path is, watch part 3 of my Cure Your Slice For Good series. You should also watch part 4 of that series…Those two lessons will show you precisely why you slice the ball with your driver (or any club for that matter) and how to correct it. You’ll get much more benefit from the driver drill below if you’ve seen these two lessons:

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