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Eliminate Slices from your Golf Game

It’s the most common and most infuriating fault in golf – the slice.

You watch the ball start down a relatively safe portion of the fairway only to curve further and further to the right, eventually landing deep in the rough or out of bounds.

There will be times when your slice seems to leave your game and you hit everything straight, but you know it’s only a matter of time before it returns with a vengeance.

You start aiming way left to try and compensate but that only seems to add more side-spin on the ball. Either that or it’s the one time you hit it straight… straight into the left-hand rough.

But there is hope. It doesn’t come in the form of an adjustable driver or an over-priced training aid (they’ll give you temporary, mediocre results at best)…

It comes from understanding your own golf swing so that you can self-diagnose your particular fault and fix it for good.

This area of the site is dedicated to the golf slice (and related shots). The lessons and videos below will show you why you slice the ball and how you can self-diagnose at the range. They also contain what I believe are the most effective anti-slice drills for curing a slice permanently.

Slice, Push-Slice, Fade – Know The Difference

Comparison of Slice, Fade, Push, and Push Slice Ball FlightsMany, if not most, amateur golfers believe that a slice is any shot that carves out to right (for the right-handed golfer)…

However, a slice must start left of your intended target before curving back right to finish well right of target. If your ball starts right or straight and then curves further and further right, that’s called a ‘push-slice’.

You might think that these 2 shots are basically the same to all intents and purposes (afterall, you only care that your ball finished out of bounds, not what the shot’s official name is!)…

But a slice and push-slice can have different causes – different swing faults – and what might fix a slicer’s fault, can make a push-slicer worse.

A push (also known as a block) is a ball flight that starts right of your target and stays in a straight line to the right (no curve on the ball).

And a fade by the way is not just a less severe slice. To be classed as a fade the ball must land on target (where a slice always finishes right of target).

Important Before you follow any of the lessons below, it’s worth finding out about the correct ball flight terminology. That way, you can check whether your main fault is a slice or a push-slice for example, and return here to choose the most appropriate lessons:

Golf ball flight diagram and terminologies >>>

Golf Slice Lessons

Video Preview of What Causes SlicesWhat Causes A Slice?

This short video explains what causes one of the most common shot shapes amongst club golfers…

Video Preview of Slice Fix - Check your AlignmentCure Your Slice For Good: Part 1
Check Your Alignment

Don’t overlook this simple set up flaw. If you’re not meticulous with your alignment and the rest of your set up, it becomes very difficult to fix a golf slice long-term…

Video Preview of Slice Fix - Check your GripCure Your Slice For Good: Part 2
Check Your Grip

Both a weak and a strong golf grip can cause a slice. Check your grip by following this guide…

Video Preview of Slice Fix - Check your Swing PathCure Your Slice For Good: Part 3
Check Your Swing Path

Correct your golf slice by double checking your swing path…

Video Preview of Slice Fix - Rotate your HandsCure Your Slice For Good: Part 4
Rotate Your Hands

Cure your golf slice by rotating your hands and forearms…

Video Preview of Slice Fix - Over ExaggerateOver-Exaggerate to
Cure a Golf Slice

Want to know how to permanently cure a golf slice (or any fault in your game)? You must over-compensate so that in order to really feel the difference in your swing. See this video for more details…

Golf Slice Drills

Video Preview of Slice Drill #1 - Basket Gate DrillAnti Slice Drill #1

This, in my experience, is one of THE best drills for fixing a golf slice. It helps you develop the correct swing path. You may have seen it before but don’t discount it on that basis – work with it at the range in combination with the drills below and you’ll completely cure your slice…

Video Preview of Slice Drill #2 - Split Hands DrillAnti Slice Drill #2

This is a progression on the anti-slice drill above to help you achieve the ideal swing path through the ball…

Video Preview of Slice Drill #3 - Baseball Swing DrillAnti Slice Drill #3

Once you’ve achieved the correct swing path, rotating your forearms and hands correctly will give you the shot shape you’re looking for (straight or even a soft draw). This drill helps you with correct arm and hand rotation…

Video Preview of Slice Drill #4 - Golf Glove DrillAnti Slice Drill #4

Another drill to help you with proper forearm / hand rotation through the golf ball…

Video Preview of Slice Drill #5 - Driver DrillAnti Slice Driver Drill

Although the principles for curing a golf slice are exactly the same for a driver, its length and swing speed can make rotating the hands quickly enough difficult. Here’s a drill to fix that…

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