Topping The Golf Ball Fault #2 – Bending The Arms

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Topping the Ball Fix - Don't Bend Your ArmsIn the first part of this How To Stop Topping The Golf Ball series, we looked at common fault #1 – lifting during your back swing.

Let’s look at the second common fault that can lead to tops and thins – bending your arms through impact.

During your address position you should notice how your left arm (for the right-handed golfer) is straight out and reaching for the ball…

Maintaining that same positioning at impact is absolutely crucial for a solid ball strike. Any amount of lifting or bending of that left arm will greatly increase your chances of topping the golf ball. See the video below:

Video Summary

  • Start by making some smooth slow practice swings, only taking the club to chest height on your follow through. At this height, ensure that both arms remain straight (pictures 4 & 5).
  • Repeat this exercise until it feels natural to maintain that straight arm follow position, and then start clipping the ball from a tee peg without any real power, again checking your follow through arm position. Gradually, as you gain more confidence, increase your power but always maintaining straight arms past chest height.