Thin Golf Shot Tips

Stop Topping Golf Shots

Thin shots in golf occur when the club strikes the ball near to its equator (rather than striking the bottom of the ball). A badly thinned shot – where the club strikes the top half of the golf ball – will travel along the ground and is called a ‘topped shot’

Topped shots can be disastrous around the green as the ball will often travel a lot further than intended – usually straight through the green and into more trouble than when you started!

Slightly thinned shots on the other hand, aren’t usually disastrous and even the best players in the world catch the ball thin from time-to-time.

But if you hit more than your fair share of thins and tops, then it’s worth taking a closer look why that happens and how you can become a more solid ball striker.

When you consistently strike solid golf shots (golf coaches refer to it as “ball then turf”) it does wonders for your confidence… and it’s also extremely satisfying.

Take a look through the videos and tips below. My goal is to help you eliminate top shots completely from your golf game and reduce the number of thin shots by making you a much better ball striker.

What Causes A Thin & Topped Golf Shot?

See the video below for an introduction to what a thin golf shot is and how it occurs. If you prefer, you can skip beneath the video to see the anti-thin golf lessons and drills.

Thin / Topped Shot Lessons & Drills

Video Preview of Lifting Up Causing Topping the Ball Part 1Stop Topping The Ball: Part 1
Lifting During The Swing

The first common fault that leads to thin golf shots…

Video Preview of Bending your Arms Causing Topping the BallStop Topping The Golf Ball: Part 2
Bending The Arms

The second fault that leads to many topped or thin golf shots…

Video Preview of Ball Striking Drill to Stop Topping the Golf BallStop Topping The Golf Ball: Part 3
The Best Ball Striking Drill

One of my favourite golf drills that promotes solid, crisp ball striking. You don’t need any other drill than this to prevent thin shots occuring on the golf course…

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