Golf Hook Drill #2 – Hand Rotation Drill

How to Fix a Hook – Part 5

Hook Fix - Rotate your Hands CorrectlyA hook in golf is usually caused, in part, by hand and forearm rotation that is too aggressive. This second drill will help you get the right amount of feel and timing with your hands so that you can hit the ball straight, or with a soft draw.

This drill is a progression from another very simple drill, that you may want to watch first (but it’s not essential).

I do, however, recommend you see the anti hook swing path article and video in combination with the video drill below. Together, they will help you correct the two faults in most hooked golf shots.

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Golf Hook Drill #2 – Step-By-Step

  • Hook Fix Drill #2 - Start by placing 4 balls in front of your live ball a club length in front and a clubface away from each otherStart by setting up to a ball as normal and then measure one club length down the target line, and place a ball at the end of this club. Next, place 3 balls alongside about 4-6 inches apart (or the width of a club head).

  • Hook Fix Drill #2 - Try to push a shot over the second furthest ball by limiting wrist releaseStart by pitching the ball you’re set up to over the furthest ball – this should produce a big block shot out to the right.

  • Hook Fix Drill #2 - Try to push a shot over the furthest ball by limiting wrist releaseContinue hitting pitch shots over the furthest golf ball until you feel you are competent at this block shot. Now increase the power and start aiming your shots over the second ball from the right.

  • Hook Fix Drill #2 - Try to push a shot over the second ball by limiting wrist releaseAgain when you feel competent, repeat the process with the next ball and then the next ball.

  • Hook Fix Drill #2 - Hit the ball over the one in front of you by while still keeping your hands from rolling overEach time increase the power and gradually increase the amount of forearm rotation. You should feel that you gain a valuable education over how much you need to rotate your hands and when they should rotate in order to control your hooking tendencies.
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