Golf Hook Drill #1 – Rotate your Hands

How to Fix a Hook – Part 4

Hook Fix - Rotate your Hands CorrectlyThis first anti hook golf drill will help you to control the rotation of your hands through the ball.

If you haven’t seen it already, may want to also see the anti hook swing path article and video that accompanies this drill…

A hook shot usually results from a swing path that is too much from the inside (too much from in-to-out), which starts the ball along way right of the target (for the right handed golfer). The hands and forearms then rotate over very aggressively to ‘save’ the shot – curving the ball violently from right to left so that it finishes left of your target.

The anti hook drill below will help you get a feel for controlling the rotation of your hands. But you also want to ensure that your swing path isn’t too much on an in-to-out line – which encourages aggressive hand rotation.

See this swing path article
and video for more details

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Anti Hook Drill #1 – Step-By-Step

  • Hook Fix Drill #1 - Start by making short swings and notice how the clubface points up at the follow throughTaking one of your mid irons, make some pitching-type practice swings. Feel how your hands don’t want to rotate during the follow through phase as much as they would for a full swing.

  • Hook Fix Drill #1 - Make larger practice swings and try to keep your wrists from rolling over during the follow throughTake the club through to hip height on the follow through and make a note of the clubface position. Try to keep the blade of the clubface aiming up to the sky and avoid letting the face roll over.

  • Hook Fix Drill #1 - Finish with the clubface pointing to the skyAt the range you can make quite a few of these practice swings before you hit any golf balls. It will help you to get a feel for holding your hands off from rotating. You can then move on to the drill below.

Once you’ve tried this anti hook drill, you can progress to the next drill, which will help you gradually control your hand rotation back to a full swing.

Part 5 – Anti Hook Drill #2 →

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