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Eliminate Hooks from your Golf Game

While it’s a fault that might be as common as a slice, to the golfer that hooks or pulls the ball it’s equally as frustrating.

This section of the site will help you understand why you hook the golf ball and how you can correct it.

You’ll find a number of videos and drills below that I use with golfers in my classes and 1-to-1 sessions.

Hook, Pull-Hook, Draw – Know The Difference

Comparison of Hook, Draw, Pull, and Pull Hook Ball FlightsMany amateur golfers believe that a hook is any shot that curves sharply to the left (for the right-handed golfer)…

However, a hook must start right of your intended target before curving back left to finish well left of target. If your ball starts left or straight and then curves further and further left, that’s called a ‘pull-hook’.


What might be an appropriate swing change for someone that pull-hooks the ball might be irrelevant for someone that generally hits hook shots.

A pull is a ball flight that starts left of target and stays in a straight line to the left (no curve on the ball).

And a draw by the way is not just a less severe hook. To be classed as a draw the ball must land on target (where a draw always finishes left of target).

Important Before you follow any of the lessons below, it’s well worth acquainting yourself with the correct ball flight terminology.

That way, you can check whether your predominant fault is a hook or a pull-hook for example, and return here to choose the most appropriate lessons:

Golf ball flight diagram and terminology

Golf Hook Lessons & Drills

Video Preview of What Causes HooksWhat Causes A Hook?

This short video explains what causes a classic hook shot…

Video Preview of Hook Fix - Check your AlignmentCure Your Hook For Good: Part 1
Check Your Alignment

Don’t overlook this set up flaw. If you’re not meticulous with your alignment and the rest of your set up, it becomes very difficult to fix a golf hook long-term…

Video Preview of Hook Fix - Check your GripCure Your Hook For Good: Part 2
Check Your Grip

Make sure an incorrect grip isn’t at the source of your golf hook…

Video Preview of Hook Fix - Check your Swing PathCure Your Hook For Good: Part 3
Check Your Swing Path

Correct your golf hook by checking your swing path through the ball…

Video Preview of Hook Fix - Hand Rotation Drill #1Cure Your Hook For Good: Part 4
Anti Hook Drill #1

Snap-hooks occur when the rotation of the hands and forearms is too aggressive. This drill uses the feeling of a chip shot to help you get a feel for less hand and forearm rotation…

Video Preview of Hook Fix - Hand Rotation Drill #2Cure Your Hook For Good: Part 5
Anti Hook Drill #2

Once you develop feel for hand and forearm rotation using drill #1, the drill will help you progress through fuller, more powerful swings but without excessive hand rotation…

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