Fat Golf Shot Drill #3

This anti-fat shot drill requires quite an advanced technique that might feel a bit awkward at first. However, with a bit of practice you’ll quickly improve and it will give you a lot of confidence when you come to strike the ball on the golf course.

You may want to start with one of the other anti-fat drills first before moving on to this one. They are easier to master and just as effective: Golf Fat Shot Drill #1 – Golf Fat Shot Drill #2

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Fat Golf Shot Drill #3 – Step-by-Step

The drill above is great for getting a feel for proper and complete weight transfer.

Don’t be put off by how difficult it might look on camera – it doesn’t take a lot of practice to master the sequence and even though you won’t hit the ball perfectly every time at first, once you’re confident with this drill it will do wonders for your confidence over standard golf shots.

  • Golf Fat Shot Drill #3a - Take your address position normallyUse a short iron and tee the ball up on a small tee peg.

  • Golf Fat Shot Drill #3b - During the takeaway and backswing move your left foot towards your right footStart by taking your normal set up. As you swing back slowly, allow your left foot to come completely off the ground and bring it next to your right foot, so that both feet are together.

  • Golf Fat Shot Drill #3c - During the downswing move your right foot back to its original positionAt the top of your backswing, as you move into the downswing, shift your left foot back across and plant it on the ground in it’s original position.

  • Golf Fat Shot Drill #3d - As you plant your left foot in its original position, hit the ballAccompany this move with a big drive from the hips and a nice, committed weight shift into the newly planted left foot.

  • Golf Fat Shot Drill #3 - Promote your weight transfer to fix fat shotsThis is a difficult drill to master at first, but when you do you’ll be the best ball striker you know!

Curing Fat Shots AND Thin Shots

If you hit your fair share of fat shots, there’s a good chance you also hit the golf ball thin (or top it) on occasion too.

Once you get a feel for shifting your weight correctly in the down swing, so that you take a healthy divot after the ball, you’ll no longer hit the ball fat OR thin…

One of my favourite drills to improve this solid ball striking can be found in the Anti-Thin / Anti-Top section of the site. I’d encourage you to watch it and make it a part of every practice routine over the next few weeks. From experience with my day-to-day students, I’m confident it will all but eliminate fat and thin golf shots from your game.

Excellent Ball Striking Drill

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