Fat Golf Shot Drill #2

Most golfers that hit a lot of fat shots also hit the ball thin or top the golf ball a lot of the time as well.

Now, it might seem that a fat shot and a thin shot are at opposite ends of the spectrum, but in fact they are usually caused by the same fault… poor body weight transfer.

In the video below I explain why that’s the case and how you can use one of my favourite drills to correct both fat shots AND thin / top shots.

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Fat Golf Shot Drill #2 – Step-By-Step

A lot of fat or heavy shots are caused by poor body weight transfer. This is one of the best drills for helping you to transfer your body weight correctly into impact.

Although hitting the ball fat and hitting the ball thin (or topping it) may seem very different faults, they both have similar causes. Master this drill and you’ll cut both fat and thin shots out of your game.

  • Position the ball way forward and on a tee for this fat shot drillPlace the golf ball level with your little toe of your left (front) foot. This may seem extreme but it is a great way of feeling how your body weight can shift to the left side during your downswing.

  • Hit the ball (placed forward) by focusing on shifting your weight properly in this fat shot drillYou may want to start by taking some practice swings into this area then maybe hit the ball from a small tee peg, but eventually try to remove the tee peg and strike the ball off the turf with a clean contact.

In the video above, I mention an anti-thin / anti-top drill that should be used to cure fat shots as well. In case you haven’t seen that drill, here is the video or read on for the description…

If fat golf shots are a particular problem for you, I also recommend you watch the following two anti-fat shot drills:

Golf Fat Shot Drill #1 Golf Fat Shot Drill #3

The first drill (#1) is more of a test to see how fat or heavy your golf shots are. The second drill (#3) is a little more advanced and very useful for better players to really sharpen up their ball striking.

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