Fat Golf Shot Tips

What Causes A Fat Golf Shot?

  • A fat shot in golf occurs when the cub hits the ground, often taking a big divot, before the ball. As that happens the club dramatically slows down taking all the power and distance out of the shot.

Fear of hitting the golf ball fat can cause you to start hitting it thin, or even topping the ball, as you try and keep the club away from the ground…

But I’d encourage you to take a healthy divot – particularly with a mid iron through to a wedge. However, that divot must come after the ball (“ball-then-turf” is a phrase you’ll hear from many golf coaches).

In this area of the site we’ll look at what causes fat golf shots. We’ll also cover some drills and tips to help prevent fat shots without turning them into thins and top shots.

What Causes A Fat / Duffed Golf Shot?

Watch the video below for an introduction into what a fat golf shot is what causes a fat shot to occur. If you prefer, you can skip beneath the video to find the anti-fat golf lessons and drills.

Drills to Stop Hitting the Ball Fat

Video Preview of Golf Fat Shot Drill #1Anti Fat Drill #1

Not all fat shots are as blatant as hitting several inches before the ball. Here’s a simple drill to see whether your hitting your shots a bit fat…

Video Preview of Golf Fat Shot Drill #2Anti Fat Drill #2

This drill will help both fat and thin golf shots…

Video Preview of Golf Fat Shot Drill #3Anti Fat Drill #3

This is a more advanced drill that can feel a bit awkward at first, but I encourage you to give it a try…

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