How to Hit a Fade in Golf (Easier Method)

Tips on How to Fade the Ball in GolfI’ve covered two different methods for hitting a fade shot in golf.

The method in the video below is generally easier for most golfers. It doesn’t offer as much control or workability as the better player version but it’s a good way to understand how your set up and alignment can significantly affect the flight of the ball.

Playing A Fade With The “New” Ball Flight Laws

The fade method that I’ve set out below is based around the “new” ball flight laws in golf…

More recent data from the Trackman launch monitor and high speed cameras shows us that swing path and club face direction at impact, has a different effect on the golf ball than has been typically taught by most teaching professionals.

We won’t go into detail here, but rest assured that the instructions below are based on this improved understanding of ball flights in golf. You should find this method easier to work with and more consistent compared to older shot-shaping methods.

If you’d like more details on this topic please see this explanation of the new vs old ball flight laws.

Golf Fade Method (Easier Version)

  • A fade shot starts to the left of the target line and then turns back right finishing on target (vice versa for the left-handed golfer). A combination of swing path and the face angle of the club create the fade, placing clockwise spin on the ball.

  • Point your clubface left of the target to produce a fadeSet up so that the club face is aiming slightly to the left of your target.

  • Open your stance to produce a fadeAim your feet, hips and shoulders further to the left than the club face (this will, in effect, give the club face an open position relative to the swing path, imparting cut spin on the golf ball).

  • Golf Fade - Clubface direction and swing path will curl the ball left to rightSwing along the line of your feet, hips and shoulders, starting the ball out left and allowing the open club face to curve it back right.

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