Golf Driving Tips

How to Add Distance to your Drives

It’s the golf club we all want to master more than any other, so tips for better driving has this section of the site all to its self.

There’s perhaps no sweeter feeling in golf – nailing a driver right out the middle and splitting the fairway in two. But self-satisfaction and ego aside, there’s good reason to become ruthless with the big stick…

The longer and straighter you are off the tee, the shorter the club you’ll require for approach shots – and that means you’ll hit more greens and make more pars and birdies (golf scoring terms).

It’s worth remembering that although these golf driving tips will improve your distance and accuracy, they are built on solid fundamentals. Without doubt, the best way to improve your driving is to master the set up position and golf swing tips on this site.

Golf Driving Tips

Video Preview of Golf Tips on How to Increase Driver DistanceIncrease Your Driver Distance

This video lesson will help you add yards to your drives without compromising on accuracy…

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