Golf Course Strategy Tips (Part 2)

Play Smarter Approaches

So in part 1 of this golf course strategy guide, we looked at a difficult greenside chip that really epitomises the questionable shot choices a lot of club golfers make.

In part 2, we’re going to go back to the tee box of the same hole we played the chip shot from. We’ll cover the decisions you’re faced with either on the tee of a par 3 or for any approach shot into a par 4 or par 5.

Again, you’ll see that the strategy I recommend is about playing the percentages – it’s about sacrificing your chance of hitting the odd ‘glory’ shot in return for solid scoring. Commit to this strategy over the course of a golfing season and you’ll notice a measureable impact on your scores and your handicap.

Watch the video below or read the video summary beneath:

Video Summary

  • The flag on this par 3 is in what we call a ‘sucker’ pin position. Only the very best shot will get close to the flag – the kind of shot that only the best players can hit with regularity. Course designers and greenkeepers are very good at finding these ‘sucker’ pin positions and a lot of club golfers are very good at falling for them!
  • On the tee (or from your approach position) make a decision about the safest route to the green NOT the most direct route to the flag. Where is the largest, most unprotected area of the green and fringe? Assuming you don’t catch the ball absolutely perfectly, which area gives the greatest margin of error? That’s where you should be aiming.
  • To further emphasise this point, the most important stat in golf (the one that is most closely associated with your handicap) is the number of greens you can hit in regulation. If you always aim for the largest, safest part of a green, you hit more of them and you’ll shoot lower scores.
  • On the tee, tee up on the side of your target line and not so that you have to fly the ball over the hazard.
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