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A Bit More About Pete

I have a passionate belief that anyone can play consistently great golf.

That belief comes from delivering thousands of lessons to players from every walk of life and at every level.

What I’ve found is that when you commit just a short amount of time to really ingraining the proven fundamentals of golf, it transforms your game.

Fundamentals might not be new. They might not seem exciting either – especially when you read about “magic moves” and “undiscovered swing secrets” in glossy magazines and elsewhere on the internet…

But mastering the fundamentals is exciting. Very exciting. Why?

Because it delivers

It gives you everything you want from the game – solid, crisp ball striking, booming drives that split the fairway in two, penetrating irons, masterful touch and feel and of course… consistency – in every area of your game.

I’m sure you already know that golfers can spend years chasing one gimmick after another without seeing any long-term improvement in their game. The irony is that if they just spent a fraction of that time mastering the key fundamentals of golf, they’d have a great swing… a swing for life.

That’s the aim of this website: to inspire you to become the great golfer you can be… and to give you step-by-step lessons to help achieve it!

Pete In 10 Points

  • Teaching qualifications: PGA Class A Professional
  • Handicap: Scratch
  • Lessons Delivered: Over 40,000
  • Best Round: 66 at Mottram Hall
  • Coaching Inspiration: Ben Hogan
  • Favourite Player (Past): Nick Faldo
  • Favourite Player (Present): Lee Westwood
  • Best course played: Royal Birkdale
  • Big Stick: Titleist 909 D3
  • Ball of choice: Titleist Pro V1 x

Since becoming a Golf Professional 15 years ago, I’ve been fortunate enough to teach every standard of golfer… from Tour Professionals to complete beginners. Through this site, I hope even more golfers are able to take greater pleasure from this wonderful sport.

If you live in the North West of England and would like to enquire about private golf lessons, here are full details and prices.



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