Correct Distance To The Golf Ball

Complete Guide to The Perfect Golf Set Up – Part 3

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So far in this golf set up series, we’ve looked at your alignment and your stance. The next stage is to look at the distance you set up to the golf ball…

Because each club in the bag is a different length, our distance to the golf ball is going to change accordingly.

In time, you’ll develop a natural feel for the correct distance with each club, but I’d like to give you a specific method to test you’re in a good position…

See the video below or read the video summary beneath it:

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Distance To The Golf Ball – Video Summary


  • Address the golf ball and lock your knees – so there is no flex in your knees at all. You should feel your weight shift towards your heels.
  • Now, just flex your knees slightly until you feel your weight shift from your heels towards the balls of your feet. When you feel your weight is balanced over the centre of your feet, that’s enough knee flex.
  • Take the chosen club and lower it onto your front thigh. The club should touch about 1 inch above your kneecap. If this doesn’t happen, alter your distance to the golf ball as necessary.
  • Remember not to flex or straighten your leg to get the club resting an inch above the kneecap – you need to move your feet further or closer to the ball.

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