Mental Game Golf Tips

Play Your Best Golf Week-In, Week-Out

This section of the website is dedicated to mental game tips for golf and the psychology of the game.

You’ll often hear the phrase: “golf is 90% mental” or “golf is a mind game”. That’s an exaggeration in my opinion…

At the highest levels of the game yes; you can argue that psychology separates the field. But most amateur golfer have significant set up and swing faults that are purely technical. Regardless of how confident and relaxed they might feel, they will still hit poor shots and play inconsistent golf.

It’s also worth remembering that the more solid your set up is and the more efficient and repeatable your golf swing is, the less susceptible it will be to pressure and nerves.

They can help you play to the best of your current potential. And should that potential increase by working on the technical aspects of your game, a focused, confident mental state will allow you to immediately transfer improvements on the range to the course. Now, with that said, every golfer can benefit by employing some proven sports psychology techniques and mental game tips.

Pete Styles PGA ProGet your mental game in shape - My friend and consultant to the PGA of Great Britain and Europe, Karl Morris, Europe’s leading golf mind coach reveals how to Learn The Secrets Of Peak Performance Golf

The lessons and tips in this section will focus on topics such as:

  • What to focus on and think about during each swing.
  • How to overcome first-tee nerves and and deal with pressure situations.
  • Techniques for transferring your performance on the practice range to the golf course.
  • How to achieve the best mental and emotional state for golf, on cue.


Mental Game Golf Tips & Lessons

A Pre-Shot Routine For Every Golfer

Practice this pre-shot routine until it becomes second nature. It will improve your ball striking consistency and lower your scores…

Swing Thoughts: What To Focus On During Each Shot

We’ve all heard the Zen philosophy of ‘being in the moment’ and clearing the mind of all unwanted thoughts. Sounds great in theory but how do you actually put that into practice?

Think In Positives And Get What You Want

“Don’t leave this putt short” you think to yourself only to watch a 6 footer die 6 inches before the hole. A classic example of how your internal dialogue can lead to the very thing you don’t want. Here’s how to get what you DO want…

How Changing Your Arousal Levels Can Improve Your Golf Game

Every top golfer is doing it. Some shout and grunt while they’re doing it. Others use slow, heavy breathing to do it. You should be doing it too…

Improve Your Focus On The Golf Course

Most club golfers mentally split their round up into a front 9 and a back 9. But that’s a sure way to lose focus and drop shots. Here’s an alternative method for keeping mind ‘in the moment’…