Golf Fitness Tips

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Golf Fitness TipsIn this section of the site, you’ll find a wide variety of golf fitness tips, advice and sample routines.

There’s no doubt that a golf-specific fitness program can significantly improve a golfer’s performance on the course. That’s why rigorous training regimes are the norm rather than the exception amongst the game’s top players.

But what about golf fitness for the rest of us?

If you’re like most club-level golfers, you’d like to hit to the ball further, improve your consistency, lower your scores and generally feel better on and off the golf course. A suitable exercise program can achieve all those things…

But at the same time you probably don’t have the time, or inclination, to spend 2 hours every day at the gym. So can a more ‘lifestyle-friendly’ golf fitness program benefit your game?

The answer is yes. And the golf fitness tips, exercises and sample training programs within this section of the site are aimed predominantly at everyday golfers.

A number of scientific studies have been carried out on golfers of different abilities and different age groups. Their findings show that the right combination of strength and flexibility exercises can increase both shot distance and accuracy, the net result being lower scores.

The tips and guidelines below are based on this proven Sports Science – rather than the latest fitness craze thought up by an over-enthusiastic Fitness Instructor.

Golf Fitness Tips

Fitness for GolfFitness For Golf – Scientific Proof That It works

Fitness for golf isn’t just for top professional players. Here’s how players of any age and handicap can improve their game with a golf fitness program…

Golf Warm-UpGolf Warm-Up

Video tips on how best to warm-up before heading off to the first tee.

Warm-Up ExercisesGolf Warm Up Exercises

Here’s a sample golf warm up routine that help you get each game off to the best possible start…

Golf Strength TrainingA Guide To Golf Strength Training

In this golf strength training article we’ll set out the step-by-step guidelines for creating your own golf strength routine…

Golf Strength WorkoutComplete Golf Strength Training Workout

This sample golf strength workout will increase your swing speed and allow you to hit the golf ball further with every club in the bag…

Golf Strength ExercisesGolf Strength Exercises

A series of golf-specific strength exercises that you can perform at the gym or at home with some basic equipment…

Golf FlexibilityA Guide To Golf Flexibility

In this golf flexibility guide we’ll look at a step-by-step approach for creating a performance-boosting golf stretching program…

Complete Golf Stretching Program

This sample golf stretching program will improve your golf game in a number of key ways…

10 Great Golf Stretches

The golf stretches below form part of a golf stretching program that is suitable for golfers of every ability…

Here’s How You Can Begin To Transform Your Golf Game (And Your Health) Today with our Golf Fitness eBook

When you follow 6 Weeks To Golf Fitness (choose from beginner, intermediate and advanced exercise plans) you can expect to:

  • Hit up to 10-20 yards further (it can be more) with every iron and as much as 35 yards further with your driver.
  • Increase your accuracy, ball striking and swing plane – hit more shots out of the middle of the club without additional practice and coaching.
  • Significantly reduce your risk of golf-related injuries, particularly shoulder and lower back injuries.
  • Reduce or eliminate muscle knots and sore spots using 5 little known exercises that take 10 minutes maximum.
  • Feel noticeably fresher after 18 holes, boost your energy levels and immune system.
  • Measurably increase your functional strength and flexibility leaving you feeling years younger in general.
  • Significantly reduce your risk of major illness like heart disease, diabetes, stroke and increase your life expectancy.

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