Plain English Privacy Policy

On the Internet a good reputation takes a lot of time and effort to build – just as it should do. I’ve worked hard to gain the trust and respect of my visitors and one of the fastest ways to lose it would be to disrespect their privacy…

So, when you enter your e-mail address on this site, you can be absolutely certain that your contact details will NEVER, ever be passed on to a third party. They will only ever be used, by me, to send you information that you’ve requested.

And because we all sign up to things, even free things, that we don’t want later on down the line, you can stop receiving communication from me with one click of the mouse button in any e-mail.

Security Payment & Card Details

If you purchase 6 Weeks To Golf Fitness, you have the option to pay via Paypal or credit/debit card. Most people are aware of Paypal and realise it’s about the most secure and trusted way to pay online.

If you choose to pay via credit or debit card, your details will actually be processed by a company called Clickbank. Like Paypal, Clickbank are also a very well-recognised and trusted company…

Clickbank uses the highest level of encryption and security measures that are available anywhere. In other words, your card details are as safe as they possibly can be.